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Sponsoring de Mike Aigroz

Value Job est très fier et honoré d’annoncer le sponsoring du triathlète vaudoise Mike Aigroz.


Mike Aigroz s’est notamment distingué en 2011 lors de la mythique course Ironman d’Hawaii en terminant sa course de 3.8 km de natation, 180km de vélo et 41km de course à pied en 8h21 pour une extraordinaire 6éme place. Cette performance lui a valu de remporter le prix du sportif de l’année 2011 lors des Mérites Sportifs Vaudois.


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VALJOB announces strategic partnership with the SAWI: the future marketing and communication specialists are to strengthen their capacities to stand out more clearly in the labour market and meet the exacting criteria of recruiters


Groupe SAWI Suisse romande, the leading institute for tuition in marketing in Switzerland, has just signed a strategic partnership with Valjob, a company of the international BeMore group, active in finding Human Resource solutions and Project Management. The collaboration will start in the first half of 2015.


The new partnership will enable Valjob and the Groupe SAWI to work in close collaboration to help prepare students more thoroughly for dealing with the issues and expectations in the current labour market.


SAWI and Polycom students will not only be made aware of issues in the employment market in the marketing field in Switzerland, but will also have privileged access to courses or work posts. They will be supported throughout their development by personalised coaching provided by the Valjob network, as well as better trained and assisted in promoting themselves and positively furthering their professional careers.


Groupe BeMore will have access to a team of experts in the field of marketing and communication. Through Valjob, it will be able to reach out to local recruiters with profiles of students having followed innovative training courses at SAWI in sports marketing, sponsoring & events and even the social networks.


This strategic collaboration will enable SAWI to offer its students extra training and above all preparation to help them pursue concrete opportunities in the form of training courses or work posts. Helping them to integrate smoothly into professional life is a key stage that we would like to incorporate into our training syllabuses, confided Yannick Chevailler, director of Groupe SAWI Suisse romande.


Nicolas Nervi, marketing manager for Groupe BeMore further emphasised: ‘In the world of marketing, employers are now seeking very specific skills, whether this means technical expertise or those linked to specific industries. Aside from these capacities, they are looking for a good attitude and a certain mind-set. We are therefore very pleased to be able to assist and position future talents trained by SAWI in order to cater to the needs of local businesses.’



Yannick Chevailler Director SAWI Group Suisse romande +41 21 343 40 64
Nicolas Nervi Marketing Director BeMore Group +41 78 622 98 01


About SAWI: SAWI Suisse romande, the leading institute for tuition in contemporary marketing, brings together under one roof a varied offering of more than 18 continuing in-service training programmes and full- time Polycom courses, lasting three years.